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Who is Jonna?

Jonna is a drama school for youth between the age of 8 until 25. Over the past three decades we grew out from a small youth club into a creative centre and a place where more than 200 kids can discover their artistic talents. Not only the drama school but also our 'Crea-atelier' is a great spot for young children (from the age of 3 til 14) to be creative, learn all about esthetics crafts and art. Furthermore we offer schools and youth clubs a variety of workshops, plays and projects.

Hopefully we will see you at one of our activities!

If you have any questions, then please contact us at

TEL: 016 44 80 19

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Short History.

In 1978 Jonna started as a small association which provided activities for children. In those days we only focused on the small community of Wilsele, a little village on the outskirts of Leuven. (About 20 km. from Brussels).

Apart from the Wednesday activities there were regular visits to the theatre. On a summer camp in 1983, by playing theatrical games we found out that there was strong interest for theatre and a lot of young people discovered their hidden talents. They formed a first "real" theatre group.

By the end of May Jonna was proud to present their first production on stage. Their piece "Ik wil naar huis." (I want to go home) was a big success and inspired other children to join. The next year there were two groups.

Year after year Jonna grew into a well-respected youth organization. In 1992 Jonna had grown so much that we had to move to a bigger location. The number of children had increased from 12 until 200. There were over 15 groups by that time! In 2008 we celebrated our 30th anniversary with a lot of special performances and festivities.

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Drama School

Playing theatre is a fantastic way to learn about yourself and others. Doing things you wouldn't dare to do in real life, being someone else, can be a very liberating experience.

Jonna gives young and old the opportunity to create and play. We use techniques such as improvisation, movement, dance, pantomime, clowning,.. Most of the times, depending on the group, we strive to create a piece. Often this play is an original piece, created by the students and teachers.

Not a lot of theory, not to much blabla. Our opinion is that experience is the best way to learn. Just do it, is our motto. The pieces are created and adjusted to the age and interests of the pupils. Also people with limited mobility are most welcome to join.

We like to touch as many aspects of the creating process as possible. People have to work together to create something that's close to magic. The atmosphere is very open, free and welcoming for everybody. At the end of each year they can show their works to the audience. It s always a big moment for them, to be the star of the evening.

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Crea Atelier

Jonna provides a place where young people can develop their artistic skills in an informal atmosphere. Our main objective is to bring them in touch with their own sense of creativity. We always start from their ideas, their visions, their dreams and try to discover the creative possibilities trough different forms of expression. The Crea-atelier is for all children from 4 till 14, every Wednesday from 14.00 till 16.30 and sometimes on Saturday's


In collaboration with a theatre group we develop costumes and decorations or make our own fashion clothes. On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Holiday Workshops

In the school holidays we don't sit still. In the autumn-, spring- and Easter holidays we provide theme weeks for kids from 3 until 14 years. During the summer holidays there are also workshops for children of age 6 till 15. Photography, press, painting,.. The possibilities are plenty. Sometimes we organize group activities abroad. (Austria, Croatia,...) These camps are always guided by our experienced co-workers and monitors.

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Opportunities for children.

Jonna gives the opportunity to children from the region of Leuven to follow drama classes, workshops and "creative days".

Trough the years we have build up a good reputation. Our goal is to teach through non-formal learning, to have the experience of working together and to create beauty.

We don t work with auditions or selection procedures, we are open to all people regardless of their background, talents, mobility.... We want to give as much people as possible the chance to develop their artistic skills!

Our teachers and staff will keep on working to reach that goal and grow even more in the future.

Workshops on demand

We offer projects, workshops, clowning, music, dance, musical, arts or theatre initiations for schools, youth organizations, companies, ...Whatever you think of, we will work it out. Our workshop leaders are willing to assist you and help to realize your projects.

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Animations and school plays

Jonna offers a wide range of animations for all ages. Street theatre and theatre production for small children and primary schools.

For 2017 we present

-Prometheus fire show

Youth On Stage

We aren't only guests at international meetings. Since 2003 we are also hosting the bi-annual international theatre festival Youth On Stage.

Jonna Abroad

Jonna has a solid international reputation! Students have played and performed on many international fesitvals.

Clown Jonas

aka John Gysenberghs- the founding father of Jonna's theatre school has an international reputation and has travelled around the planet as such (Japan, Canada, Portugal, Austria, Croatia, Venezuela, Estonia, Antilles, Finland, Tunesia, Peru, Libanon, South Korea, Marocco, Hongaria, Poland,...)